Cat Portraits Coloring Book for Adults

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Unwind and boost your mood with this beautiful coloring book with beautifully drawn cat portraits.

Cat Portraits Coloring Book for Adults contains contains 20 coloring pages with sketches of different cat breeds. The following cat breeds are featured:

* Egyptian Mau

* Exotic Shorthair

* Russian Blue

* Maine Coon

* Mongrel cat

* Bengal cat

* Sphynx

* Thai cat

* Abyssinian cat

* Burmese cat

* Scottish Fold

* Snow Bengal cat

* Ragdoll

* Scottish Straight

* Cornish Rex

* British Shorthair

Use your favorite colors and art supplies to create personal masterpieces while you relax in comfort. Like all our coloring books, these designs are carefully crafted to unleash your inner coloring artist.

* Highly personal gift for someone who loves cats.

* Single-sided printing keeps all your work pristine.

* Hours of relaxation and fun.

* Accessible and fun for every skill level.

Adults and teens who color add relaxation, beauty, and joy to their lives.

* Experience improved focus and attention to detail.

* Replace negative thoughts with positive ones.

* Reduce stress and anxiety with the mindfulness of coloring.

* Get better sleep when you color before bed.

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Cat Portraits Coloring Book for Adults

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